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Video Page

Defender Tree Service - Our Partner Business

California Native Plant Society

Tahoe Tree Company / McBride's Nursery- Facebook page

Earth Day Official Website

Mother Earth News

The Spruce

Grow Organic- Peaceful Valley

Sierra Foothills Garden

A Symphony of Sounds- National Park Service "Natural Sounds"

How to Create a pollinator Friendly Garden- David Suzuki Foundation

Trees Are Good

Gold Spotted Oak Borer-UCANR

California Oak Mortality Task Force

GOES Satellite Images-West Coast

The Tree Guide- Arbor Day Foundation

Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute- CalPoly SLO

Matt Ritter- Botanist, Author, Professor

Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research- University of Arizona

Nature Outside

California Native Plant Society- Calscape

USDA Plants Database

Ready For Wild Fire?

Placer Sierra Fire Safe Council

Placer Fire Safe Alliance

California Fire Safe Council

Bark Beetle Information

Weed Research and Information Center- University of California


Rosebud AI

Brainpickings- Inside Kurt Cobain's Letters and Journals

The Wood Database

Villager Nursery- Truckee, California

Eisley's Nursery- Auburn, California

High Country Gardens